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Looking for that reduction in ET or Lap time? Wondering how much power that new manifold or carburetor is worth? Want to back-to-back camshafts but don't have time at the track?

Let us help you answer these and any other questions by eliminating the variables at the track and spending time on our well-equipped SuperFlow 902 Dyno.

You can decide what you want to test or we can use our many years of engine building and race track experience to help you. Either way you will learn more in one day on the Dyno than you will trying to keep up with changing weather and track conditions.

When you consider all the costs associated with going to a track to test and the wear and tear on the rest of your equipment, going to the Dyno is a good bargain.

What do all top race teams have in common?

What do all top race teams have in common?

They all Dyno their engines before they go to the track!

Knowing their engines are in top form allows them to concentrate on racing, instead of wasting time on avoidable engine issues. Racing is hard enough without dealing with something as small as a water leak to as large as having no oil pressure.

Now you can have the same advantage as the top teams at an affordable price.
Dyno sessions cost $650
*Engine builders call for special pricing.

Don't waste time and money, call today to schedule your engine Dyno session!