Our Team


Martino's automotive engine building and racing career stared in 1977 in grass roots bracket racing at local tracks. In 1978 Martino's first full year he won the local track points championship with a car and engine that he built himself. He raced as a serious sportsman racer until 1995 with multiple wins, a division points championship and national top ten finishes, all with engines that were built with his bare hands. He was a threat to win at every race.

During this time Martino was learning and honing his skills as to how to build a competitive wining race engine. During this same time from 1990-2002 he worked at Jesel Valve Train as part of the research and development team. While at Jesel, he learned valuable information and experience running an extensive dyno and spintron operation. He decided to put his knowledge to use in NHRA Pro Stock.

Starting in 1996 until 2002 he raced NHRA Pro Stock and had much success with multiple wins and top ten finishes including becoming a member of the 200 MPH club. Martino also leased his engines to other competitors including one that carried V. Gaines to his first win in Pro Stock and a member of the 200 MPH club. All this was done with engines built by Tom and his team, which included Tom Kling and Bob Cave. From 2002 until present he has been a crew chief on several pro teams and has continued building competitive race wining engines for Pro, Sportsman, Marine and Circle Track Racers under the business name of Tom Martino Racing LLC.

Tom still competes on a limited time basis driving his customers cars. More details to follow.


Bob Cave is no stranger to the racing world. Early in his career, Bob worked for Paul Rebeschi's Pro Stock teams as a crew chief and engine tuner. Before joining Tom Martino on his Pro Stock team in 1999, Bob worked as crew chief and director of the Pro Stock for George Marnell & Ken Black, a team that proved themselves to be winners several times.

In 1999, Bob teamed up with Tom as crew chief and then, later at engine builder. He worked for Tom until 2002 when he began a career with Jesel Valvetrain. Bob worked at Jesel from 2002 to 2009 in their research and development department. He ran the spin tron for the company, and was involved in the building of several engines that went on to set records at the salt flats in Bonneville.

In 2009, Bob left Jesel and joined the Martino Race Engines team, where he has been instrumental to the success of the racing team in Pro Stock, as well as several circle track and sportsman race teams. Bob has helped to build many record-setting and race-winning engines.